Effective Protection : 
Ear Pro ear spray covers the outer ear canals with a waterproof protective film to avoid ear-related problems such as swimmers ear caused by trapped water. The ear spray has paraffin oil that helps prevent exposure to any contaminants contained in the water. Allowing you to hear naturally, unlike muffled noises from ear plugs, and allows you to equalize at depths.

Easy Application :
Shake it well before use. Then, spray the Ear Pro 1-2 times in each ear before any water activities and avoid contact with nose, eyes, and mouth. Make sure to reapply after 2 hours of water exposure. One bottle of this ear spray is equivalent to 200 sprays / uses.

Comfortable To Use :
Unlike swimming ear plugs, this swimming ear spray is easy to apply, does not clog your ears, and leaves no excess residue or deposits. EarPro ear spray is the perfect alternative to swimmers ear plugs as it lets you equalize with ease and effectively eliminates unpleasant trapped water and blockage without the use of any ear restrictions that may affect your hearing and balance.

Selected Active Ingredients :
Thanks to high-quality oils with natural properties, this ear spray won't irritate or damage the delicate skin inside the ears. It is alcohol-free and has no aggressive substances, so this ear spray is safe for kids and adults of all ages.

For Water Lovers :
Ear Pro ear spray is created so people could focus more on creating memories and less on worrying about ear problems that sideline you from your favorite water activities. This ear spray is a comfort and proactive remedy with water lovers everywhere that enjoy water sports such as swimming, diving, and surfing.